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TickiT Wooden Dinosaur

TickiT Wooden Dinosaur


Imagination Roars to Life with this Wooden Dinosaur Block set!


Crafted from the finest Beechwood, these blocks bring the prehistoric era right into your child's hands, offering a delightful blend of tactile exploration and imaginative play. Each block is meticulously detailed with laser precision, allowing your child to dive into a realm of endless possibilities as they explore the textures, use them for small world play, or unleash their creativity through pencil rubbings and playdough patterns.


Product Features:

Detailed Designs: Each block features a dinosaur picture on one side and their skeletal structure on the other, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

Educational and Fun: Encourages learning about dinosaurs, fine motor skills, and artistic exploration through hands-on play.

Versatile Play: Perfect for small world play, pencil rubbings, playdough patterns, and more, fostering endless creativity.


Product Specifications

Set includes: 10 wooden, double sided, Dinosaurs.

Dimensions: Approx. 200m

Recommended Age: Suitable from 10 months

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