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Creatively Curious

Come along and be creatively curious...

This session is for you to enjoy with your little one - planned, creative activities for children aged 2-4

Each week, there are 3 activities at the creative tables:

One playdough activity and two artistic activities that encourage your child's imagination and creativity to flow.

Each session is structured to reflect a theme or event that may be happening in the world around them.

All areas of the Playhub will still be accessible, so little ones are able to get creative at their own pace.

Feature Friday

We caught up with Lou, our Early Years Practitioner who started Creatively Curious, to find out more

Tell us about you:

Hi, my name is Lou! (Louise) I have worked in Early Years with children in different types of settings for over 15 years. I also have a son who is 10 years old.

Why did you choose to set up this session?

I chose to set up Creatively Curious as I missed the planning and creative fun that the children experience whilst at a craft table.

Why did you pick 3 activities?

I chose to do three different activities, so that there would be a variety of different crafts for children to take part in. By having a choice, this also also encourages children to participate in a craft they might not have experienced before. Also, having three tables, means that children won't have to wait too long to take part!

Who is Creatively Curious for?

The session is aimed at children 2-4 but any younger siblings that do come along can be catered for if they would like to take part. I will adapt the activities to fit with your child's needs.

What can you expect from a session?

Every session comprises of a playdough table with a variety of resources, so that they can be added to the children's creations. The other tables are usually a paint activity and another mark making activity using different tools, to help develop hand-eye coordination. There are usually stickers too, as everyone loves a sticker!

What has been your favourite Creatively Curious set up?

One of my favourite set ups, was a flower themed week, where we made flowers by printing paint with celery! We also added petals and flowers to the play dough. There were some beautiful creations made that week

Customer Testimonial
"Brody is 4 years old and has been coming to Creatively Curious sessions since they started. His favourite activity is the playdough table - he loves being able to take his playdough creation home with him! Brody adores Lou. She is so supportive and patient and immediately puts you at ease. We have a folder at home with all of Brody's art from the sessions which is lovely to keep."

Creatively Curious runs Wednesdays (term time only) 9.15 - 10am

You are more than welcome to arrive from 9am to settle in before the session starts.

£5 per session (Online booking includes 1 child & 1 adults) Siblings are welcome to attend and can be paid for on arrival (£2 per sibling)

The café is open for you to purchase any drink/food during the session.

Be sure to check out our Creatively Curios reel on Instagram! @beweirdbewildbewonderful

Have a lovely weekend and we hope you enjoy the sunshine!


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