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TickiT Sensory Reflective Colour Mystery Balls

TickiT Sensory Reflective Colour Mystery Balls


Explore, Learn, and Discover with Sensory Reflective Colour Mystery Balls!


Introduce your child to a world of sensory exploration with tickit Sensory Reflective Colour Mystery Balls. These six unique balls are designed to intrigue and captivate young minds with their unpredictable movements and reflective surfaces.


Product Features:

Stainless Steel Construction: Each ball is crafted from durable stainless steel, ensuring smoothness, lightness, and tactile satisfaction.

Unique Characteristics: With each ball possessing its own distinctive behavior—whether wobbling, shaking, or rattling—children will delight in the surprise with every roll, shake, or spin.

Reflective and Distorted Surfaces: Hand-finished with mirror-like surfaces in vibrant colours including blue, green, gold, pink, silver, offering wide-angled distorted reflections that spark curiosity.

Educational and Engaging: Encourages sensory exploration, fine motor skills, and cognitive development through interactive play.


Product Specifications

Set includes: 6 stainless steel balls in different colours

Dimensions: 6cm diameter 

Recommended Age: suitable for all ages.



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