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TickiT Wooden Lacing Shapes

TickiT Wooden Lacing Shapes


Wooden Lacing Shapes will help your child concentrate on this threading and lacing challenge, developing their manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination as they weave the thread in and out of the holes within the wooden block.


Product Features:

Variety of Shapes: Includes an assortment of shapes, each with pre-drilled holes for easy lacing.

Educational and Fun: Helps improve manual dexterity, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and colour and shape recognition.

Tactile Experience: The smooth wooden pieces provide a delightful sensory experience, making learning fun and interactive.


Product Specifications

Set includes: 4 wooden shapes (cylinder, cube, triangular prism and octagonal prism).

Dimensions: 6cm x6.5 cm

Recommended Age: Not suitable for children under 3 year old.

Warning: Strangulation hazard. Long cord

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