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Woodland Trial Treehouse

Woodland Trial Treehouse


Unleash your child's imagination with Woodland Trail Tree House, the perfect toy to enhance small world play. This beautifully crafted, 3-tier tree house set encourages creativity and innovation, providing endless storytelling opportunities.



Three-Tier Structure: The tree house features three levels, allowing for varied play scenarios and exploration.

Wooden Ladders: Included small wooden ladders can be used to connect the tiers through specially designed holes and gaps.

Wooden Bird: A charming small wooden bird adds an extra element of play and storytelling.



Enhances Creativity: Encourages imaginative play and storytelling, helping to develop cognitive and language skills.

Promotes Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating the ladders and bird aids in the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


Product Specifications

Sets include: A Treehouse. 3 wooden ladders, an owl, squirrel, hedgehog and bird.
Size: 545 x 370 x 365mm
Recommended Age: Suitable from 3 years.



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