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Doughnuts with Daddy: A Sweet Father's Day Celebration

This Father's Day, treat Daddy to a delightful event that will satisfy his sweet tooth and create lasting memories. Join us at Be Weird Be Wild Be Wonderful Playhub in Bristol, for a fun-filled afternoon of Doughnuts with Daddy. With an array of games, competitions, and exciting activities, along with access to the play space, sand pit, and garden, this event promises endless enjoyment for the whole family!

Games and Competitions: Come and join in with activities that encourage bonding and laughter, such as:

  • Doughnut Toss: A playful game where you toss bean bags onto targets to score points. The winner is the one who scores the most points!

  • Garden games : Join in and roll the dice to play, explore connect 4 or take turns build towers, trying not to let the towers topple.

Spending Time Together: Activities for Daddies and little people to enjoy together

  • DIY Doughnut Decorating: time to sprinkle those doughnuts with glitter !!Using card, paint and confetti, create your own tasty artistic masterpiece.

  • Doughnut photo wall: Strike a pose, using the props and backdrop, take the photo and keep the memories.

  • Playhub: Use this event to spend time with each other exploring all of the play resources in the hub, go digging in the sandpit, make a cuppa with the tea set or enjoy the sunshine in the garden.

Delicious Delights: Something tasty to enjoy together

  • Doughnut Wall: Take your pick with the array of delightful doughnuts, one each, or one to share, you decide.

  • A Treat Just for Daddy: A latte, milkshake or peach iced tea, its your choice, every Daddy can choose a drink on us to enjoy whilst taking part in all the fun filled activities that afternoon.

Want to join in ! Tickets are available on our website so book your space to avoid missing out.

Want to keep up to date with all events we host at Be Weird Be Wild Be Wonderful Playhub - take a look at our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.

See you soon !!


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