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Mindfulness Matters - an event to raise money for the charity Mind

Enjoy the little things...

It's all in the details with this event, we want you to have an evening where the focus is on supporting your mental health. We are curating this evening to include, mindfulness crafts for you to try, conversations around aromatherapy, fitness and
self-confidence and opportunities to purchase products to continue mindfulness practises at home.

Each ticket also includes a mindfulness goody bag which contains free samples and self-care treats.

We are hosting this fundraising event in support of Mind, a charity dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for mental health issues. All of the money raised from the ticket sales and raffle will go directly to the charity and kickstart our fundraising for the challenge we are taking on in May.

Can you help?

If you would like to support us with this Mindfulness Matters event please contact us and we can include you into the evening. We are also looking for donations into the form of services, products or experiences to use as prizes for the raffle.


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